Will it fit my car?

Although the Car Bar has been designed to be as universal as possible, there are some requirements in order for it to fit correctly. Please check the following before ordering, and if there's any questions, feel free to email me at richard@nowherefastgear.com

  1. Have a boot striker plate that looks similar to the ones in the image.
  2. Have an opening of at least 50mm (2 Inches) for the latch to fit in.
  3. Have a sturdy rear bumper that sticks out by at least 40mm (1.5 inches)

For VW Transporters - it will not fit powered tailgates (the latch looks like this)

It will not work with vehicles with a thin or cut out bumper above the number plate like this example.

There needs to be a bumper section in front of the latch for the table foot to rest on.

It will not work with certain BMW models that have a narrow recessed latch where the Car Bar latch won't be able to fit in (see dimensions above).

It will not work with vehicles with a split tailgate.

Still Unsure?

Send us a message with the make & model of your car and a photo of your boot (like the examples above). We can check for you and let you know.